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Your search is over. Whatever your needs and budget are, Rak Motors has got you covered.


We are Rak Motors, serving UAE for many years with excellent customer service and top-notch knowledge about the vehicle industry. Our current lineup includes trusted vehicle brands such as Toyota, Lexus, and Nissan.

We make all transactions a breeze for our clients while ensuring the best quality of our products and efficient after-sales service.

Largest Dealership of Cars

You won’t run out of options. We have the bigger car dealership network in town. We are confident you’ll find what you need right here, right now.


Lowest Car Prices

You want the best value, and you deserve it. We have the most affordable deals available while upholding unparalleled quality.


Multipoint Safety Checks

Our capable technicians have thoroughly inspected all vehicles in our inventory, and they’re all safe, high-quality, and ready to welcome their new owners.


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Take A Look at Our Inventory

Whether you're looking for a brand-new or used vehicle to buy or lease, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Let's get rid of all the complications and let’s make the search and process fast and easy for you.

We at Rak Motors will explain all the pros and cons of each model and brand. Since our oil is to give maximum value, we will be open to any question you have and guide you on which model will best fit your needs. We have your best interests in mind. 

Whether you want a compact car with straightforward features and balanced handling, fuel-efficient wagon with standard features, or a spacious SUV with a comfy interior, we have the best selections for you.

Call us and set an appointment. Allow us to show you our exclusive selections that fit your definition of an ideal car.


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Why Buy from Rak Motors?

Rak Motors of UAE is committed to serving our clients the best way we can. We want to become part of your journey of choosing and owning a new vehicle.

We also sell car accessories and have expert technicians check your vehicle before releasing it. We offer maintenance services, and we are always ready to listen to your questions and provide answers the best way we can.

Aside from quality cars and excellent customer service, we also provide our clients with the following benefits:

·       AC and powertrain warranties for new and used cars

·       Collision deductible payment for all the cars you own for three years

·       One year wheel and tire protection

·       Two complimentary oil changes

·       One year of free checkup and maintenance

We care about giving you only the best. Discover amazing deals and more only right here at Rak Motors.


RAK Motors has achieved a lot since 2003!

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Many business sectors have praised the high quality of the company. The evolution in customer satisfaction and continuous sales growth shows the company’s ability to increase its market share. Customer value is assumed to be our first.

Rak Motors believes that it is most important task is to meet the needs of customers at the highest level and not just sellinc products. Rak Motors is making an effort to bring luxury and elegance to its customers. Therefore, RAK Motors will continue to develop its management skills through the creation of an efficient, team-oriented, highly trained team of professionals.

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Make an appointment for a free consultation. Visit our showroom, and get our experts advise.

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To Maintain your car?

Our service center experts are at your disposal to guide you step by step in maintaining your car and will give you the best advice for the maintenance you need. Discover our services specially equipped for your car.

Our Maintenance Services

Mechanical Section

Rak Motors's Mechanical section was designed to ensure high productivity and efficiency. The layout of this section makes it easy for mechanics and engineers to assess vehicles and detect problems, whether it's under the chassis or hood. On top of that, the mechanical team also follows an efficient workflow to ensure that nothing is missed and that the vehicle is fixed as soon as possible.

These are usually the main things that will be checked on your car in this section:


●  Oil: This is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle that keeps it running smoothly. We highly suggest you have your car's oils changed every 3000 to 5000 miles to ensure that your engine is kept pristine.


●  Tires: Taking care of your tires will help increase their longevity and promote better performance. Although this is one of the easiest car maintenance that could be done, others take it for granted, which is why it's one of the main things our technicians pay attention to when you bring in your vehicle.


●  Fluids: Most vehicles nowadays use fluids in various car systems. However, as vehicles age, these fluids deplete. In some cases, leaks can also occur, causing risks for evaporation which can significantly cause damage. However, all of these can be avoided by bringing your vehicle to us for scheduled maintenance services.



Vehicle maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. However, by choosing a reliable and efficient service and maintenance center like Rak Motors, it will all be more manageable.


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Power & Electronic Section

The power and electronic section at Rak Motors is managed by highly qualified technicians who are well-equipped to handle electrical problems with vehicles. They are also skilled at installing electronic accessories for cars.

Whether you want new cameras or sensors installed, our team of technicians at Rak Motors will be able to assist you. They are also knowledgeable in installing electronic accessories for both old and newer models, so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

Some of the equipment found in this section include:

● Refrigeration and sterilization device

● All Vehicles Launch

  Car Engine Cleaning Machine

● Fuel Spray Cleaning Device

● Tire Pressure

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Department of Painting and Paint

Rak Motors takes pride in the computer-based technology system they use in their department of painting and paint. This makes the time-consuming and tedious mixing of paint and painting faster and more efficient.

The paint mixing technology helps ensure that the color that you want is achieved perfectly. With highly skilled painters, your vehicle's paint job will look effortlessly seamless.

We’re your one-stop shop for your vehicle needs, and our Service Center will help you extend the longevity of your vehicles and make your investment and road experience safe and worthwhile.

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